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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Create your own Champagne Bar at Home this New Year's Eve!

With New Year's Eve a few days away, I have visions of Champagne bubbles dancing in my head! While I am a fan of bubbly for everyday use, the classic time of year for fizz is definitely New Year's Eve. If you're looking for creative ways to include sparkling wine into your New Year's celebration, look no further. This week I'll be posting ideas on how best to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Instead of running out to your local Champagne Bar to ring in the New Year, why not create one at home? Purchase Champagne (for recommendations click here) and serve with some creative mixers and garnishes to keep it interactive and fun. For mixers, liqueurs like Chambord and St. Germain make excellent choices while pomegranate juice adds a festive pop of color. Select garnishes like ruby-red pomegranate seeds, decorative lemon twists, fresh raspberries, strawberries and even candied ginger for some interesting flavor and color combinations. If children will be in attendance, they can enjoy there own Bubbly Bar featuring non-alcoholic sparkling cider or grape juice with mixers including pomegranate juice, peach nectar, and orange juice. They can also have fun garnishing with whimsical option like gummy bears, pop rocks or, to keep it healthy, fresh raspberries, strawberries or sliced grapes.

Have fun and get creative with your very own Champagne Bar this year! It's a great way to ring in the New Year with friends and family at home.


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