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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day in Old Salem with the Fabulous Rebecca Subbiah of "Chow and Chatter!"

Me, Rebecca & Princess Jasmine
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting someone in person I had "known" online for about two years. She is a familiar face in the "foodie community" here on Blogger and I am sure most of you already know her, the fabulous Rebecca Subbiah of "Chow and Chatter."
Rebecca has been an inspiration I think to many of us who have been at this blogging thing awhile. She has "led the charge" in many ways, not only in posting delicious recipes on her site, but also demystifiying alot of the technical stuff such as blog optimization, increasing page rank and yes, she has even developed an amazing app full of mouth-watering and health-conscious recipes on iTunes. Did I mention she is also a Registered Dietitian, expat from the UK and Mom to the adorable Jasmine who I had the pleasure of meeting on our day in Old Salem? Well, consider yourself "in the know."

Pot Roast at the Old Salem Tavern
The three of us had a wonderful lunch at the Old Salem Tavern in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I happened to be in town visiting family and conveniently, Rebecca lives in the area and was kind enough to show me around. This historic town is actually a "living museum" in which the people working in the shops and the restaurants dress in historical costume like the Moravian settlers who founded the town in the 1700's - it was quite charming! Luckily, it was a beautiful day and we got to eat lunch outside - the lack of humidity was positively delightful. 

One of the specialties of the Old Salem Tavern just happened to be Pot Roast and came highly recommended by our server. As I had been eating my way through North Carolina for a few days already, I figured "why stop now?" It turned out to be delicious and pretty much defined the phrase "comfort food." Rebecca and I had a lovely time getting better acquainted, discussing blog-related things and watching Jasmine who was, let me just tell you, positively delightful! 

The Winkler Bakery in Old Salem
After lunch, we walked down to the historic Winkler Bakery that has been making baked goods for over 200 years. Jasmine got an ice cream cone and I purchased some yummy Moravian sweet bread and lemon cookies to bring back to the family. Needless to say, they were very well-received! It was such a lovely day and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to meet Rebecca and her daughter. If you enjoy good food, be sure to check out her blog "Chow and Chatter" where you can find wonderful recipes from around the world and also find out more about her many culinary endeavors including her app on iTunes

Have you had the chance to meet someone in person you originally met through blogging?

Have a delicious day,


  1. lovely post brought back good memories your so cool Stephanie and it really meant the World to me that you drove from Cary :-) your a blogging star too big hugs and hope to see you in FL one of these day

    love Rebecca

  2. That must have been so nice to meet Rebecca in person; I have been following her for a long time. Jasmine is adorable.

  3. What an awesome experience. And yes, I met a very dear friend through blogging. I got to meet her in person in NY and we got along great in person too :D. I consider her the best thing to come out of being a blogger.

    Love that bakery, I'd have a field day their. I recently got the chance to visit Poilane, that was very cool :D
    *kisses* HH

  4. Yes, I have met The Tablescaper in person. I live in Southampton,NY, and she has a summer home here. We met for lunch 3 summers ago, and we have been friends since. We meet to go dish shopping and have lunch, never run out of things to talk about!
    The cup cakes look amazing! My mom used to live in Pompano Beach, so I have been to Boca Raton. Have you ever been out here?


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