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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Fabulous Find for Champagne Lovers from Antica Farmacista!

While on a recent trip to Sea Island, Georgia, I indulged in a relaxing massage at the Forbes Five-Star Cloister Spa & Fitness Center. The Spa was nothing short of fabulous and I was very impressed by both the facility and the service (if you have the chance to go, ask for Tim).

I was also very impressed by the Spa Gift Shop which carried some very elegant product lines including one that really caught my eye: the Antica Farmacista Le Fragrance d'Ambiante or Home Ambiance Perfume. This beautiful product consists of an elegant, antique-inspired apothecary bottle that is filled with the fragrance of your choice which is diffused by white birch reeds inserted into the bottle. While they carried a variety of scents from this fabulous line, I was especially drawn to the one labelled...Champagne! The fragrance is described as having "top notes of satsuma citrus balanced with subtle floral notes of muguet, apricot, nectarine and passionfruit complemented by the sweetness of sugared black currant with mellow accents of sweet vanilla." I have to say it really does embody many of the aromas I love in Champagne. Needless to say, I was hooked!

This product really does make a lovely presentation and, after living with it for a week or so, the scent is still light and lovely. The only draw back: my constant craving for Champagne! For pricing information or to purchase this or other Antica Farmacista products check out their website by clicking here

Have you found any other Champagne or wine-scented products? Do tell!



  1. I'll bet this smells wonderful! I'm more of a red wine girl, I've never seen anything scented like it but would love that too!

  2. ooh, a home fragrance that smells deliciously like champagne sounds delightful! Thanks for visiting my website, so I could find yours :)

  3. You had me at your first sentence, Stephanie - I'm definitely going for a massage today!

  4. I agree what a great find! It sounds amazing and looks so pretty also.

  5. Thanks for such a wonderful blog post!

    - The Antica team

  6. One finds the most delightful surprises in unusual places, Stephanie! And leave it to you to find a fragrance called Champagne!! :)


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