Friday, August 26, 2011

Cocktail Couture: The Aperol Spritz!

Happy Friday, All! Here is a delicious little cocktail that is sure to quench your thirst in style this weekend. The Aperol Spritz is of Italian origins and is a refreshing combination of Aperol, Prosecco and a splash of club soda, garnished with an orange slice.

What is Aperol, you may ask? Aperol is a bright orange, Italian aperitivo liqueur that was introduced to Italians in 1919 at the International Fair of Padua. Created by the Barbieri brothers, it is an infusion of ingredients including bitter and sweet oranges and a variety of carefully selected herbs and roots. The result is delightful, sweet with a hint of bitterness and enticing herbal notes. Aperol is similar to Campari, but not quite as bitter and makes an excellent alternative in drink recipes if you do, in fact, find Campari to be too bitter (which I often do).

While it can be enjoyed on its own, I love Aperol in the context of the Aperol Spritz which I enjoyed this Summer at South Seas Island Resort on the west coast of Florida, of all places. I was instantly hooked! The drink is light and refreshing (Aperol's alcohol content is only 11%) and perfect for enjoying on a warm Summer day or as an aperitif before dinner. It definitely gets your taste buds firing! 

Interestingly, in the 1930's and ad campaign dedicated to women touted Aperol as the liqueur for the fitness conscious, keeping them lean and fit thanks to its low alcohol content. Aaah, if only that were true! Imagine a world with no more spinning. But I digress, it wasn't until the 1950's that the recipe for the Aperol Spritz was introduced, taking the place of the standard Venetian white wine and soda spritzer and still remains very popular to this day.

While the standard recipe is served over ice in a rocks glass, the Aperol Spritz also makes an elegant presentation in a Champagne flute, minus the ice. There's just something about the feel of a Champagne flute in your hand that signifies the start of a beautiful weekend. I hope you enjoy this cocktail and I wish you all a fabulous weekend.



  1. I just did a post on this wonderful cocktail at the beginning of August :) My daughter had it when she was honeymooning in Italy in 2007 and introduced us to it shortly after - we love it!

  2. LOVE Aperol.Everybody drinks it in Germany.

  3. Oh, Steph, I love this. I hadn't heard of Aperol, so definitely learned something new. Anything Italian is for me!!!!

  4. Yep - this is one of my staples in Italy. We get them in a white wine glass at many bars too. They even have commercials dedicated to the "Spritz." Good to know we can get Aperol here - haven't seen it locally - that or the Jet 27 I got hooked on in France. Or the Montenegro I love in Italy after a meal. Salute!

  5. fun love the addition of cocktail tips and history to your blog

  6. What a lovely cocktail - Mr CC and I used to drink this on a terrace bar in Salzburg. You have brought back memories of a lovely holiday


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