Monday, September 6, 2010

Join Me for an "Homage to Fromage" Wine & Food Tasting at the Museum of Art & "Savor the Moment" Cheese Facts!

What's not to love about cheese? From voluptuous, triple cream Brie to nutty, Spanish Manchego, cheese is definitely one of life's great culinary pleasures! As an added bonus for oenophiles, cheese also happens to pair fabulously well with wine. Coincidence? Who's to say, but whether it's a Sauvignon Blanc with a tangy, piquant Goat cheese or Port served with a creamy, sharp Stilton - the possibilities are deliciously endless.

I took these fabulous photos (just try getting cheese to say "cheese!") at the legendary Murray's Cheese Shop in New York City this Summer - it was heavenly! If you are also a fan of wine and cheese, I invite you to join me Thursday, September 23rd for an "Homage to Fromage" at the Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale hosted by yours truly and the fabulous Chef John Paul of John Paul Custom Cuisine. After a successful Summer Wine & Food Tasting Series, we have been asked to continue our monthly food and wine tastings year round! This month's event will feature wines paired with a variety of cheese based hors d'oeuvres just in time for the Fall season. Tickets are $30 and include the "Homage to Fromage" Wine & Food Tasting as well as entry to the current Museum exhibition. Please click here for more information or to purchase your ticket - we look forward to seeing you there! 

As you probably know, "Savor the Moment" is a fabulous reference for all things culinary and includes great information on cheese as well. I have included this section for all you fabulous fromage lovers here:

"Brie and Camembert are creamy French cheeses with a soft rind made from cows' milk. They are wonderful when melted. Camembert has more kick than Brie.

Feta is a crumbly Greek cheese made from goat's milk. It adds a great salty touch to salads. Gorgonzola is a semi-soft Italian bleu cheese made from cows' milk. It is great melted on bread or crumbled on a salad.

Montrachet is a French cheese made from goats' milk. It is best when young and fresh.

Monterey Jack is a mild semi-soft American cheese made from cows' milk. It is a must for nachos.

Roquefort is a French Bleu cheese made from sheep's milk. It is great for salads.

Cheshire is an English cheese made from cows' milk. It is an elegant relative of cheddar.

Parmigiano-Reggiano is an Italian cheese made from cows' milk. It is a must with pasta and is great eaten on its own, too.

Stilton is the sophisticated version of bleu cheese made from cows' milk. It is best eaten with a full-bodied red wine or Port, and fresh fruit."

What is YOUR favorite cheese? Do share!



  1. Oh. my. god. I swear I'm going to die with cheese in one hand and gelato in the other. Wish I could be there, but well, you know where I'll be stuffing copious amounts of Pecorino and Toma down my neck. Please enjoy, Stephanie. Thank you for this post of pure, decadent, evil. :)

  2. Thanks for the information here. It's always interesting to read about yummy foods. Me? I like fruitty cheeses :D

  3. Looks like I know all of those cheeses and the facts about them. We LOVE cheese at our house. Great info.

  4. We used to have the most marvelous cheese shop in Boca, over in the 5th Ave. shops. (this was back in the 70's) I could have cried when they went out of business. favorite cheese is Brin d'Amour. Yum. My daughter introduced me to it at Dean and Deluca in NYC. Once in a while I can find it at Whole Foods.
    Super post, Stephanie.

  5. Sounds AMAZING! Great cheese reference here too! Could sink my teeth into those photos right about now as I'm starving for lunch!

  6. oh wow looks like fun I also love cheese love fort lauderdale often come for weekends he he will need to meet up one of these days

  7. I love all cheeses, especially the French goat cheeses. Probably my all time favorite cheese is one from my childhood - a really good sharp cheddar.

  8. What an fantastic post. Homage to Fromage. We are great cheese lovers and it is so much fun to experiment with new tastes. Anything tastes bettter with cheese of course.

  9. Stephanie...if I would have lived closer...both Hubby and I would have been there in a heartbeat. Hubby is in the cheese business and it seems we can never get enough of it ;o)
    I once tried a Stilton that was bathing and aged in Port...absolutely devine!

    Thanks for sharing and flavourful wishes,

  10. Great info on cheese. Cheese are EXTREMELY expensive over here in Malaysia! Thanks for dropping by. Fabulous site you have here. Savor The Moment cookbook sounds fantastic. Will look it up at the local bookstore. Have a nice day!

  11. Hi Stephanie: my name is Jennifer and I jsut found you via chow and chatter.My blog is Savor the Thyme so nice to find another who savors. My url is actually

    nice to meet you

  12. Stephanie, I think my daughter is moving from Orlando to Texas in October. If you have anything going on toward the end of October, please let me know as I will be there helping her move. Love you! Rock on with that Tiffy bag. xx's

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blogsite. Your comments have led me to your blog. I'll be a happy follower from now on.

  14. Hi,

    i didnot know so much about cheese!!!


  15. you know.... I like cheese so much that I think one of those cheese display photos would make a lovely watercolor painting for my kitchen :)

  16. I will never look at a wheel of Parmigiano the same after being on a small farm outside of Bologna where it is made... The smell is AmaZing!
    I Love, Love gorgonzola~ melted with pears or figs.
    Homage to Fromage :-)

  17. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am in need of a little inspiration. We have sold our home and downsized so I am purchasing all new furnishings a little at a time and it can be overwhelming so it is nice to have a fresh perspective from others Thanks again and I love this blog.

  18. I LOVE cheese but this post has reminded me of how many I have yet to try! Brie is my favorite at the moment. Delicious.

  19. I am crazy about cheese and your post is killing me...Wonderful selection and information :)


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